Since 1989, the designers and engineers at ANTARCTICA EQUIPMENTS have pushed their creative limits to manufacture the best possible cases to display and preserve perishable foods. They aimed for elegance, but practicality. Efficiency, without compromising quality. Durability, without huge expense. Ease of maintenance and high standards for cleanliness. Antarctica delivers a lot of important advantages...

1. Superior refrigeration system
These systems are the heart and soul of it the showcase, and it is a delicate balance.

2. Color correction to put your product in the best light
Food products do not look very appealing if placed under a improper lighting.

3. Flexibility for color and decor matching

Antarctica gives you an option to choose front and side cladding. From wood/veneer/laminate to textured steel, sunboard, Powder coated and granite.

4. Many design options for glass
Depending on the case, available options may include low profile curve glass, high profile double curved glass, or flat glass.Mirrored finish is an available option for divider glass and rear sliding doors.

5. Reliable electrical and mechanical systems
We design our mechanical systems for easy, central access to make installation easy,
and facilitate efficient maintenance.

6. Easy installation
Antarctica cases are reputed to be one of the easiest to install, resulting in fewer problems for the customer. Comprehensive plans and instructions, plus central connection boxes for mechanical systems, streamline the installation process.