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IFI Refrigeration has earned recognition as a leading brand in furnishing for bars, gelato parlors, pastry shops, and the entire food sector. Their display cases and food preservation technology represent Italian excellence, and every venue they craft tells a distinctive tale.

Featured Products

Displays that do justice to your ART! Explore to find the solution that fits you best.

ifi itallian ice cream trays


Perfectly showcase and preserve your flavors with the combination...

ifi Bellevue Panorama Tubs


Combining pozzetti functionality with a vibrant showcase display...

sam80 culinary refrigerator


SAM 80 offers the flexibility to create, display, and preserve...

milia white gelato display


Present your Gelato and Pastry creations with unparalleled elegance.

tonda round rotating unit


Tonda, the world's first round rotating display case...

drop in delice hot snacks display


Showcase your unique creations with style and functionality...

vertical refrigerator pivot ifi


Rising to the top with no compromise...

ifi colonna display with double-glazed doors


Present your Gelato and Pastry creations with unparalleled elegance...

temperature control cabinet ifi

A digital connection system that allows users to monitor and set the parameters of each Ifi product with temperature control anywhere, at any time.

top-quality refrigeration technology

COLD Refrigeration Technology:
Ifi's top-quality refrigeration technology is guaranteed by testing, which goes well beyond the standard checks. During the design and testing phase, the gelato display cases withstand tests up to 35°C with 60% (relative humidity) to guarantee excellent performance even in extremely challenging conditions of heat and humidity.

ifi display with rear locking system

HCS (High-performance Closure System):
A high-performance rear locking system-invented by Ifi. A technology that limits the access of external air to serving time only, improving the quality of gelato, hygiene, and energy savings. The system, with the help of an integrated sensor, detects the actual time the display case is open, reducing the number of defrost cycles to those strictly necessary.

ifi colling technology

Hybrid Cooling Technology is an innovative, exclusive, and patented Ifi technology with dual refrigeration sources. A solution that guarantees continuous chilling in the display case even during the delicate defrosting phases, thus eliminating any thermal shock on your gelato to keep its appearance and organoleptic characteristics unaltered. 

R290 natural refrigerant gas (Propane)

GAS R290:
Discover the range of Ifi display cases and products using R290 natural refrigerant gas (Propane). Reduce energy consumption and start saving.

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